Kindred Group: New Bonus Framework 

Kindred needed a standardised bonus framework. We were engaged to design and secure agreement to a new bonus framework design. We liaised with key stakeholders in order to identify the options. We then collated and analysed existing bonus frameworks; and presented some bonus scheme options to the stakeholders, one of which was successfully implemented. 

Oxford University Press: Standardised, Global Bonus Framework 

OUP required a standardised global bonus framework to fit their new global corporate design. We were engaged to design a new bonus scheme framework. We were able to design and propose the preferred option to the executive team. We designed the communications programme and costed the bonus options with the Corporate Finance team. Succeeded in introducing a new bonus framework that continues to deliver the consistency and transparency required by OUP. 

PGDS: Job Architecture Design and Implementation 

We were engaged to lead the design of a set of employee terms and conditions to fit a standardised employee structure. We identified the pathway for employee migration to standard terms and conditions, which has been successfully used by the client for many years. A key part of the project was engagement with key stakeholders, including the trade unions.

Action for Children: New Pay System Introduction 

Action for Children required a new, affordable base pay structure and system that removed entitlement to an annual pay increment. We were engaged to introduce the new pay system. We designed a programme of activities to design and introduce the new, affordable base pay system. We consulted with the key stakeholders and maintained an ongoing dialogue with the project management committee. We succeeded in having the new pay system approved by the trade unions and trustees, and being implemented. 

Siemens IT Solutions (SIS): Business Transformation 

SIS, a newly created company carved out of Siemens, required a new reward programme for their autonomous organisation. We were engaged to lead the creation of a new reward programme. We purchased employee risk benefits, documented and recorded bonus and incentive agreements to transfer to the new company with the existing employees. We created a stand-alone reward programme for the new company. 

Atos: Reward Infrastructure Transformation 

Atos acquired SIS and needed to transition their reward infrastructure into the Atos organisation. We were employed to map the existing bonus and incentive agreements alongside the employee benefit programmes. We were asked to advise on the transition. We highlighted the benefits of any risk and created and maintained a risk register to raise awareness of the consequences of failure to procure replacement risk policies. We succeeded in integrating the reward framework with the replicated risk benefits and the incentives continued. 

Wincanton: Reward Function Development

Wincanton required a reward function to enable the development of a total reward programme. We identified and collated a summary of available elements of a total reward system. We were able to benchmark manager base pay and bonuses. We developed a programme of savings for the company car policy that achieved £900k savings. We were successful in enabling the formation of a reward scheme that shaped the creation of a total reward philosophy for the organisation.  

Thames Water: Job Framework 

Negotiated with the trade unions to introduce the new job framework. Secured agreement at ballot and coordinated a communication programme for employees. Achieved widespread understanding of the new framework and redesigned pension proposition for employees. Secured the agreement of the Executive to the proposal and associated costs (£500k p/a).