Our Services

Salary Benchmarking 

Help you understand the market rates of your jobs and what you need to do to pay more competitively. 

Base Pay Systems

Award larger increases to higher performing employees whilst ensuring there is no gender bias or discrimination. Coach managers in the use of such systems.

Base Pay Progression & Salary Reviews

Plan salary increases over a number of years and salary-review cycles that will achieve a more competitive market pay position. Identify and address any gender pay gap issues.

Bonus & Incentive Design 

Advise on the selection and structure of business and financial targets, weightings and payment ceilings, and the design of clear communication materials and programmes.

Grade Structure & Job Architecture Design

Ensure pay systems are managed fairly and core HR processes built on sound structures through the use of job evaluation systems, such as Hay, and more informal systems, such as job matching.

Employee Benefits

Identify the type of benefits best suited to your organisation’s culture and workforce demographic. Including pension schemes, voluntary benefits, private medical insurance, health/wellbeing, and tax efficient benefits.

Employee Recognition Systems

Recognise employees’ contribution and discretionary effort through the use of simple, light-touch and fully tax compliant tools.

Executive Reward and Remuneration Committees 

Short-term and long-term incentive design, and remuneration committee report support and advice.

Coach Managers in Reward Planning

Make fair and consistent pay decisions, operate bonuses and base pay together, provide transparent feedback to employees and help address gender pay gap issues.

Communication Programme

Design and plan communication programmes to create maximum awareness of the value of the reward provided.

Reward System Transformation  

Implement changes to the systems necessary due to organisational merger or takeover.

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